Region: Asia

Asia Head Office: Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, Asia’s World City, is the most densely populated metropolis with around 7.5 million people in a land area of 426 square miles (1104 km2) of which 40 percent is designated as parks etc. It is one of the three most important financial centers alongside New York and London; ranking first among 60 leading financial systems and capital markets. The territory is a center of modern architecture, with more skyscrapers than any other city in the world. Hong Kong is known as the "Pearl of the Orient", because of the impressive night-view of the city's light decorations from the skyscrapers reflecting on both sides of Victoria Harbour.

The Hong Kong office is central to many of the fastest growing Network Marketing countries in the world year over year in the ; Philippines 31.3%, India 22.6%, China 13.5%, Indonesia 11%, Malaysia 7% and Thailand 7%. The laws here include the Pyramid Schemes Prohibition Ordinance helping counter fraudulent sales tactics which has led to strong growth within the industry.

The Center, which is near Central Station, is one of the few skyscrapers in Hong Kong that is entirely steel-structured with no reinforced concrete core. It is notable for the hundreds of neon lights arranged as bars in increasing frequency towards the top of the building, which slowly scroll through the colours of the spectrum at night.

The Center 99 Queen's Road, Suite 6601, Central, Hong Kong
Head Office, Hong Kong: +852 (0) 8 - 198 - BEST